Fall Protection

FP_headerFall Protection Asia provides engineered fall protection solutions for your work at height safety. Our full range of fall protection equipment enable businesses like yours to build the safest working environment for your workers. Our safety professionals are able to provide you with a fall protection plan, which includes comprehensive site assessment, work at height proposal, installation and maintenance servicing. Browse through our catalogue below to view the wide range of fall protection systems for your workplace requirements. Contact Us To Get Free Quote.

Anchorage Points

An anchorage connector is used to join the connecting device to the anchorage when a direct connection does not exist. It is important to select the proper anchorage / connector for best safety.

Wire / Rope Systems

Vertical & Horizontal cable systems such as Xenon & ViGo systems provides for a flexible fall arrest solution in many industries. Most systems are suited for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Ladder / Rail Systems

An innovative solution for vertical climbing that is easy-to-use, requires minimal maintenance and provides superior safety. Available for vertical and horizontal lifeline solutions across various industries.

Vehicular Fall Systems

Overhead rotational boom anchor system provides the user with a versatile mobile anchor point/fall arrest system in which they can connect safely and be protected while working at heights on their vehicles.

Hoisting & Rescue

When your fall rescue plan kicks in, you want to have the right equipment without overdoing it. FPA have a wide selection of rescue kits to cater to your working environment.